Why can't I export clips back to Final Cut Pro X?

If you see the following message when dragging a library from Final Cut Pro X to the SpeedScriber icon:

No clips were identified for import or export in this Library

and you're sending back clips that were originally imported from a dragged library, then check that:

  • The file in SpeedScriber is set to Verified status.
  • The original clips in Final Cut Pro X have the SS Processing keyword applied. This should have been added automatically by SpeedScriber after importing, but you can add it manually if necessary. It must be exactly as stated, not ss processing or SS processing etc which will not work. The keyword range can be anywhere in the clip and any duration.

When using synchronized clips it is possible that SpeedScriber can no longer automatically link to the original clip, so you should click the Relink Synchronized Clips button and follow the instructions.