Why haven't purchased minutes been added to my account?

Purchased through Apple using in-app purchase (30/60/120 mins)

When you successfully make an in-app purchase, the SpeedScriber app receives a notification from Apple which it forwards onto our servers to verify and then add the minutes to your account. If you do not see purchased minutes being added to your account then please view your Apple purchase history and check if the relevant purchase is shown as Pending status.

  • If the purchase is shown as Pending, then the purchase has not yet completed so Apple will not have sent the notification to the SpeedScriber app. You will need to contact Apple Support to find out why the purchase is still Pending.
  • If the purchase is not shown as Pending, then we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which will force a download of latest purchase data:
    • Quit SpeedScriber if running.
    • Move SpeedScriber app from Applications folder to the trash.
    • Restart your Mac.
    • Reinstall the SpeedScriber app from the App Store.
    • Launch SpeedScriber app and it will automatically request latest in-app purchase data from Apple which should hopefully fix the problem.
    • If the problem persists, then please raise a support ticket.


Purchased directly with us on app.speedscriber.com website

Please raise a support ticket and include your invoice number.