Can I use SpeedScriber on multiple computers?

While we don't officially support this, it is possible to log in with the same SpeedScriber account on multiple computers at the same time (with some restrictions).

This could be useful if you want to have one person importing and submitting files for transcription and another person editing transcripts.

The first user to open a file will get permission to edit the transcript. If a second user on another computer opens the same file, then they will see a message that they are only able to view or export the transcript. The second user will not see any changes that have since been made by the first user, until they do the following:

  1. Open another file or quit the app.
  2. Re-open the original file and wait 20 seconds for the data to sync.
  3. Open another file or quit the app.
  4. Re-open the original file.

Also note that in the current version, file status (processing/transcribed/verified/exported) is not synced in real-time and will only be updated when the app launches.

There is no distribution of media files between different systems. You will need to manually relink to each media file on any system that wasn't used for originally transcribing that file or clip.

To relink media:

  1. Double-click the file to open it in transcript mode.
  2. Click the relink button beside each media file referenced by that file, shown in the Audio Configuration panel in the lower right.
  3. Choose the same or new file to relink to and click OK.


When relinking media files, it is important that the following attributes on the new file match with the original file:

  • Duration.
  • Presence of video track — if the original file contained video then it can't be relinked to an audio file.
  • Audio track and channel layout.

Codec and video frame size do not need to match, so it is possible to relink to a low-resolution proxy file.