What is the most reliable way to drag a Final Cut Pro X library to SpeedScriber?

Due to some quirks in macOS, drag and drop between Final Cut Pro X and SpeedScriber can be rather frustrating sometimes. Final Cut Pro X will start exporting the XML file when the cursor passes over any application icon that can open an XML file. This is very easy to do by accident when you are dragging, and once the export starts you have to wait for it to finish before you can actually drop the library onto SpeedScriber. 

To avoid this frustrating situation, we recommend you do the following when dragging a library from Final Cut Pro X to SpeedScriber:

  1. In Final Cut Pro X, drag the library in the sidebar a few pixels to the right so the "ghost" version of it becomes visible.
  2. Without moving the mouse cursor too much, hold down Command and press Tab however many times is necessary to highlight the SpeedScriber icon.
  3. Release both keys and SpeedScriber will become the active app.
  4. Drop the library onto the imported files area on the left.

This method is much safer than dragging the library to the SpeedScriber icon in the Dock.