Why can't I import clips from Final Cut Pro X?

If you see the following message when dragging a library from Final Cut Pro X to the SpeedScriber icon:

No clips were identified for import or export in this Library

then check that the clips to be imported:

  1. Have the SS Pending keyword applied. This must be exactly as stated, not ss pending or SS pending etc which will not work. The keyword range can be anywhere in the clip and any duration.
  2. Are audio, video, synchronized, compound or multicam clips. Projects and clips that contain nested clips are not supported.
  3. Are working with Optimized/Original media NOT Proxy media. The XML format does not include the file locations for proxy media so third party apps such as SpeedScriber require the optimized/original media to be available.

We have also had some reports that Final Cut Pro X can "time out" when exporting very large libraries using drag and drop. This means that there is no dragged data available for SpeedScriber to import. A possible workaround is to use a separate library for import/export with SpeedScriber and when the transcripts have been exported to the clips, then to move those clips into your main library using the File > Move Clip to Library command.