Keyboard Shortcuts


Play/Pause Space
Play selected word(s) Option-Space
Exit word editing mode, go back one second and play Control-Space
Move to previous word Left
Move to next word Right
Move to first word of current or previous sentence Up
Move to first word of current or previous speaker range Option-Up
Move to first word of next sentence Down
Move to first word of next speaker range Option-Down
Rewind 5 seconds Command-R
Rewind 10 seconds Shift-Command-R
Slower playback speed Command-[
Faster playback speed Command-]
Expand or contract the current selection Shift-Left and Shift-Right


Word Changes (on selected word/s)

Delete selected word(s) Command-Delete
Remove punctuation on selected word(s) Option-Delete
Enter word editing mode and replace the current word(s) with the entered characters Any non-punctuation character
Add or replace the character to the end of the word (the first character of the next word will automatically be changed to uppercase or lowercase as necessary) Any punctuation character (period, comma, semicolon, colon, question mark, exclamation mark)
Add a space and em-dash at the end of the word Hyphen (when single word is selected)
Replace spaces with hyphens or en-dashes (making a single word for timing purposes) Hyphen or en-dash (when multiple words are selected)
Wrap the selected word(s) in parentheses Parenthesis - either ( or )
Wrap the selected word(s) in square brackets Square bracket - either [ or ]
Enter word editing mode and delete the last character Delete
Enter word editing mode and delete the first character Forward Delete
Enter or exit word editing mode Return
Exit word editing mode and discard changes Escape
Join selected words together without spaces Command-J
Make selected word(s) lowercase Shift-Down
Make first character of selected word(s) uppercase Shift-Up
Make all characters of selected word(s) uppercase Shift-Option-Up
Add paragraph break Shift-Return
Delete paragraph break Shift-Delete
Toggle Favorite Range on selected words Option-F


Speaker Ranges

Insert a new speaker range and choose a speaker from the popup menu Command-Return/Enter
Insert a new speaker range with the speaker set to the previous speaker (designed for use on conversations between two speakers) Command-Option-Return/Enter
Change the start of the current speaker range to the selected word Command-Up
Change the start of the next speaker range to the selected word Command-Down
Show the speaker menu for the current speaker range Option-Return/Enter