Transcribing Files

Click the Transcribe button in the toolbar at the top of the pending files list. A confirmation message will be shown with the number of files that will be transcribed, the total minutes that will be used and the remaining minutes.

When using free minutes, files of any duration can be imported and will be partially transcribed using a randomly chosen portion of 25% of the original file duration up to a maximum of five minutes per file. Files transcribed with free minutes will have [PARTIAL] added to the end of the filename and when viewing the transcript a visual reminder is displayed that only a portion of the file was transcribed.

When using purchased minutes, the duration of each file is rounded up to the next minute so a 1 minute 15 seconds long file would use 2 minutes of time on your account.

If there are not enough minutes available on your account to transcribe the pending files then an error message will be shown. Additional minutes can be purchased by logging into and clicking the Buy Minutes button in the navigation bar. Your account balance will be updated within a few seconds of purchasing more minutes. When you see the available minutes has been updated, you can click the Transcribe button again.

Click the Transcribe button in the confirmation message to proceed with the transcription. Each file will first be converted to an audio-only file and then uploaded to our server for transcription.

While a file is converting or uploading, it is possible to cancel the process by clicking the Cancel button in the pending files toolbar. A confirmation message will be shown and clicking the Stop button will discard the current and remaining pending files. Any files already uploaded will continue to be transcribed.

When each file has been successfully uploaded, it will appear at the top of the Files list.

The text is dimmed and the status is shown as Processing with an animated circular progress indicator.

SpeedScriber does not have to be running while files are processing. You can quit SpeedScriber and the status of any files being processed will be updated when the app is launched again.

When processing has completed, a notification will be shown and the file status will update to Transcribed.