Managing Files

The files list contains a list of all the files which are currently processing or have already been transcribed. The header bar contains a search field which can be used to filter which files are visible.

It is also possible to filter the files list by choosing a status from one of the following options:

  • Any Status (includes Processing, Transcribed, Verified or Exported)
  • Processing (file is being transcribed)
  • Transcribed (transcription has completed and file may be viewed, edited and exported)
  • Verified
  • Exported
  • Deleted

Only files that match the currently selected status will be shown.

Changing File Status

The status of individual files can be manually changed to one of the following options:

  • Transcribed
  • Verified (file has been checked and is ready for export)
  • Exported (automatically set when file is exported to any format)
  • Deleted

Deleting Files

If you’ve finished working with an imported file, it can be deleted by setting the file status to Deleted.

You can view all deleted files by selecting Deleted in the status filter popup at the top of the files list. Files are deleted after 7 days.

Restoring Deleted Files

Any deleted file can be restored by viewing deleted files and then clicking the Restore button.