Why was SpeedScriber removed from the Mac App Store?

From version 1.0 (August 2017) until version 2.2.10 (May 2019), SpeedScriber was exclusively distributed on the Mac App Store.

Version 2.3 was rejected by Apple because it doesn’t support in-app purchases which we’re told is now required for all SaaS (Software as a Service) apps. Despite there being many other SaaS apps on the store that rely exclusively on external purchasing, an appeal against Apple’s decision was regretfully unsuccessful.

As a result of this rejection, we have taken the decision to distribute SpeedScriber directly. While we appreciate that the Mac App Store scores highly on convenience, we are confident that this transition will be an easy and painless one. The macOS app is now available from the main website and will automatically check for updates.

A major advantage of not being subject to Mac App Store rules is that we can finally make it much easier for customers to buy minutes with a new button in the top right of the main window.